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George Lilanga

George Lilanga (1943-2005), Tanzania

1943  Born in Lindi, second of seven siblings
1974-1982 Began painting at an art center established by Catholic sister in Dar es Salaam
1992  Participated in the exhibition "Out of Africa" (London)
1993  Lilanga's first painting catalog, "Africa Foy - Lilanga's Cosmos" (co-authored by Kenji and Fumiko Shiraishi)
1996  Participated in "Breakthrough - Contemporary African Art  Exhibition" (Germany); Featured in "Contemporary Art of America" (New York edition, edited by Andre Magnin, et al.
1999  Featured on the cover of the auction catalog "Contemporary African Art", Sotheby's, London
2000  Featured  on the catalog and poster of Milan African Film Festival (Italy)
2004 "Africa Remixed" exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany; "Tingatinga and Lilanga" Exhibition, The Museum of Art, Kochi, Japan
2005 "African Art Now", The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, U.S.; Died in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
2006 "George Lilanga with Shetani at Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo
2011 "Soul@AFRICA" at Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo
2019 "Eternal Africa at Tama Art University Museum

(Source: Tama Art University Museum, "Eternal Africa" exhibition catalog)

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